Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe!!

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Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!

Today my wonderful husband turns 37! 
I guess it happens to the best of us! Just kidding!!
My husband is a huge Saints fan and a no frills kinda guy.  
He is still pretty upset that his team did not make the Super Bowl. It was kind of rough around our house this past weekend :)
To maybe cheer him up a little I made his birthday card/cards
(I couldn't decide which one to give him)
with some Saints flair!
 I did my best to make them simple, elegant and manly all at the same time. What a tall order!!  He doesn't care about the cards so much but of course I have to blog them plus I have every single card we have ever given each other since we first got together 12 years ago.  So I hope he likes them and I hope you like them.  I also hope he remembers there's always next year!

 Go Saints!

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  1. Great card! I'm sure he will like it. Happy Birthday to Wyatt!