Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tips for Tuesday!

You are you, and you are beautiful

This post goes along with last weeks tips for Tuesday.  Don't be afraid to put yourself in your layouts.  I am guilty of this at times too.  I am always the one behind the camera and when I am not ugh! I am pretty much not a fan of myself in pictures.  Sometimes I can pull out a a gem...
and other times...
not so much!

Good times, bad times, it's still me. You are your toughest critic.  You will be harder on yourself then anyone else will ever be.  Don't be afraid to step out from behind the camera. 

As I stated in my last post, my grandma passed away a few years back.  I am currently compiling pictures of her and my grandfather for an 8x8 album.  My grandma hated having her picture taken.  Right now I have twice as many pictures of my grandfather then I have of her.  Not only is this going to be an unbalanced album but I don't have very many pictures of her to look back on.  

So what it all comes down to is.......
For your children's sake, scrap yourself!!


  1. My Shannie....You are so beautiful even on your bad photo days. But I know who you are and love you for you. Oh, and the first photo of you is soooo soooo awesome, you look like a model. I love your tips for tuesday.

  2. Very true, I had finally done a layout with just me and I actually liked it . Thanks for the tip today.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B