Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too many projects too little time

Lately I have  been doing something that I never do! I haven been starting project after project with out finishing a single one! Grrrr......this is so not like me!  Out of my five projects that I am working on, I finally finished two.  So without further ado here they are! 

First I made two cards with Stampin Up paper, an imaginisce stamp, a little bling, ribbon, Scraphappy Sheer Glue and You're So Fine Glitter from the Rubber Cafe (http://www.therubbercafe.com/). 
Look at my glitter!

To make my card glitter I applied my Scraphappy Sheer Glue lightly on my stamped paper and spread it evenly over the paper.  Once the glue was slightly tacky I dipped my finger in  my You're So Fine Glitter and rubbed it all over paper.  It makes a nice little shine in the light and I love the way it looks! Thanks Rubber Cafe for the ideas! 
I know that I'm not the first to come up with this idea and I won't be the last.  My next project is a calender that I created from the Teresa Collins paper that my buddy Alisha picked up from a garage sale. I used a 12x12 frame that I had laying around to frame the paper.  I used a dry erase maker to put up the dates and my fun things to do in the month on August.  I love the way it turns out and I may never have to buy a calender again! Score!

That is all for now! More projects to come!


  1. ohhhh I love this!!!! Score Alisha!!!

  2. I LOVE the Calendar!!! Good post :)