Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Loss Of Someone Near and Dear

One March 18, 2014 we lost a very special friend.

Curtis Van Alen Joyce passed away doing what he loved, kayaking down the Colorado River.
He left behind his wife of six months, one of my dearest childhood friends.
His light shined so brightly with such an amazing soul.
He still lives on in all of us.

This was an awesome picture taken at his funeral with his family in the middle of the heart. 

Here is the layout I made to remember his wonderful life. 

I used the photo of the heart above as an embellishment.
The pictures above are of Curt's favorite river in White Salmon where he was a rafting tour guide. 
This layout is Curt and my dear friend Melissa celebrating their love.

Gone but NEVER forgotten. Always in hearts. We love you Curt Joyce!!

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