Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Shoppin', Scrappin' and True Blood Marathon!

I had an awesome day with my scrap buddies Alisha and Kacee! The day started early in the AM with a little bit of shopping.  I swear Michael's had almost everything at 50% off! Here are some of the spoils from the day!  Joann's didn't have to much going on.  Luckily I took some pictures of Michael's sale signs with my Iphone to get the savings there too! I love that Joann's will honor both Michael's coupons and theirs in the same transaction! (Michael's usually will only do one coupon per transaction)  It makes me happy!  As you can see we got more then enough good stuff to contribute to are day of crafting!

Once again we moved the dinning room table into the living room and watched the last half of season 4 of True Blood!  I worked on several projects today.  Some were for the DT I am on, and others were just for fun.  All to be posted at a later date.   The three of also had our laptops so of course we did a few hops through out the day.  I can't believe how many there were today! My goodness,  I couldn't keep up!  Now that the day is coming to an end I have one more hop then it's off to bed! Thanks girls for such an amazingly fun day!!

Yes, Alisha and I are wearing matching hoodies!


  1. I had a great time with my peps too. Thank you for hosting the all day marathon of shopping, scrapping, and true blood T.V. great day.. I need to post the pretty flowers i made.

  2. That sounds like such fun. I have 1 friend in my area that scraps but she has another friend and they always scrap together and I just can't seem to infiltrate the two-some so I scrap by myself at home. We are getting a new JoAnn's and I am hoping they will have some scrappy classes that I can meet a few scrappy friends around here.

  3. Thank you for the fun time! Alisha should post her flowers! YOu should too!!! Love them. I tried to make one today but it was a major fail!
    Cant wait to scrap again!