Saturday, September 24, 2011

We have a winner!!

First I want to thank everyone for following my blog.  You guys make it all worth while for me.  I just got home from the Scrapbook Expo.  OMG what a long day!  I had so much fun and bought so many goodies!!  I can't wait to create!!  When I got home I checked my blog and not only did I reach my 100 followers but I passed it by 2!!  I swear this day couldn't have been any better! Now it's time for me to make someone else's day!  I have a winner for my 100 follower giveaway!  Do you want to know who it is?

The winner is....

Kris and Kristen of Respect My Kraft!

I am new to this as well! I think your blog and crafts are really cute,
I am your newest follower... good luck, hope you reach 100 soon!!

Keep Krafting! =]

Congratulations! Please email me with your info so I can send out your prize!

Have a happy weekend! Tomorrow I am off to the Seahawks game!!


  1. WOW! Scrapbooking Expo on Saturday and the Seahawks game on Sunday?!?! You know how to spend a weekend!!!

    Amy E.